Tuscan Group uses a variety of resources to find the perfect plan for the homes we build. A client may choose to work with an architect to design a totally unique home. However, most of the houses we have built have been pre-designed, and we then modify the design on site to fit the needs of the client. Thousands of plans can be found at websites like HousePlans.com or ArchitecturalDesigns.com. Here are a few of our favorites:


It’s what brings warmth to your home, the details that make it special to you and your family. Coordination of color, texture, beauty and functionality can be a mystery, but with our professional design team, we can help take the guess work out of the abundant choices. Here at The Tuscan Group, we strive to bring all these elements into home design choices when we’re building a house. We love to work with our clients to help them choose the best colors, tile, carpet, appliances, lighting and cabinets to design a beautiful and functional home that works for them. Contact us for more information.